Cable Radio

Since I was checking out many of the online music services I realized I should check out the digital music service that comes with my digital cable box. My cable service is Comcast and we already get our phone service (land line), TV service, and Internet service over the cable, so why not trying listening to the equivalent of Internet radio?

The service on Comcast is called Music Choice and to get an additional cable box in my home office was only $5.10 a month, which compares rather favorably with the pay Internet radio stations.

There are some advantages to Cable radio over Internet radio. It never skips. It doesn't go away if you have to reboot. It doesn't time-out after awhile. There are 45 stations and they are all CD quality. The pricing is good.

Really, if you're willing to pay for radio service, cable radio is pretty good! The only real disadvantage I could think of is that you can't skip a song you don't like.

I doubt very many people use it though ... at the site there are only two references to digital music on the whole site (according to Google). One is buried in a FAQ "What is digital music?" and the other is in a .pdf that describes the remote control.

But I like it - I've had it on for a few days and it's good.