iPod Defrag

Wired has an article about different ways to get a new battery for your iPod.

That's good to know.

But better to know, which the author apparently didn't fully appreciate, is that defragging your iPod will extend it's battery life - over doubling it.

After a few years of use, your songs will be scattered all over the hard drive. The iPod has to work harder to grab all the pieces of a tune and play them back in order.

If you defrag your iPod, then your songs are stored in a contiguous spot on the hard drive, and the iPod does less work - much less work - to play them back.

The only way I know of to defrag your iPod is to reformat it, and then copy all of your songs back to it. It's worth it! In the article, the author's playback time went from 3 hours to 8.5, just by defragging his hard drive.