Virgin Digital Licensing Agreement

I downloaded the Virgin Digital on-line music store software. I glanced at the license agreement, and it's so funny, I'm going to reproduce parts of it here. Virgin is the only company I've ever heard of with the guts to make an agreement like this. (There is similar silliness in the Virgin Mobile (cell phones) license agreement.)


This software is licensed to you only for the reproduction of music and/or video that you own or have the expressed right to use as the software allows. Any attempt to reproduce copyrighted material that you are not expressly permitted to use is not legal, not good for the economy, and not nice. Furthermore, it is not cool, it is not kosher, nor is it the kind of thing that your parents would be proud of. Put the kibosh on it. Hey, are you reading this thing? I didn’t think so. Nobody ever really does, do they? Except the lawyers who write it. Think about it - you’re a lawyer, making god-knows-how-much and hour, and this is the best you can come up with? Lame.