ACCD Codec

I couldn't burn DVDs for the longest time. I could burn CDs but not DVDs. The symptom was that after starting to burn the DVD, the drive would become inaccessible, get starved for data, and give up.

The question was - why was it becoming inaccessible?

Writing to various tech support people at Plextor and Roxio was useless. "Reinstall the software." Shit.

It turns out the problem was that some software - either from Creative or Real Networks - had an "auto launcher" system that would scan CD and DVD drives for new content in order to automatically launch the correct player. As soon as a little data was written on the DVD, it would grab it, and not let go! Then the DVD burner software would crap out.

This was extremely hard to track down. So I'm posting this in case anyone else has the trouble. Of course, the reason it was hard to track down was because it was an interaction between two different applications. So there was no single customer service organization that could answer my problem.

The Roxio people thought that reinstalling their software would fix some registry keys and clean things up, but they were wrong.

The Creative and/or Real Networks people don't know anything about the Roxio software. I don't know which was the problem because I turned them both off and I've been afraid to turn either one back on! My guess, based on the name ACCD Codec, which showed up in an error log created by Roxio Easy CD Creator, is that the problem was with the Creative Control Center application. This was made more confusing by the fact that one version of Easy CD Creator actually came with a Creative CD drive.

It was a confusing tangle.